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Welcome to Hotel Palacaguina

Hotel PalacaguinaPRODECOOP R.L. is a working coffee cooperative with a beautiful small hotel attached to it. Wake up in a valley to amazing view of hills on the background and patios full of coffee on the foreground. Have a dip in the pool or sit on the terrace with a book.

It is located in Palacaguina Township from Madriz Department of Nicaragua, at 45 minutes from Esteli City and 25 minutes from Somoto City, this is a peaceful place, easy to access, safe to be at. It is the only hotel located in Palacagüina city that has the best rooms, service and panoramic view of the place.

Hotel Palacagüina is a quiet, easy and secure access to stay for business or pleasure, you will enjoy a rich dream and to top it off ... we include a good and hearty breakfast served in the restaurant located on the terrace.